Faculty & Staff

Maine Teachers & Faculty Serve Students, Families & Community

MeANS teachers and staff are some of the most committed, caring and engaged Maine teachers around. They work with very small class sizes, giving attention to individual students on campus and during home visits. One of the only high schools in Maine enabled to give this kind of care to each pupil, our faculty is available to students on many different levels in many different ways. We think they’re the best teachers around and our students, their families and our local community will tell you the same. 

Many MeANS students have experienced some kind of rupture in their relationship with adults and so school may not seem like a safe place for them to be—and to learn. We start the student approval process with an interview that covers both their academic and personal life (as much as they want to share). Students know we’re interested, they know we care about their struggles, and benefit from an individualized learning program built on trust between teacher and student. 

Nothing about this is easy. It takes hard work and lots of it, but our faculty and staff are enthusiastic about their interactions and connections with students. We are on a mission to work with underserved kids, are always ready to innovate a custom pathway to learning, and serve as notice that these kids can learn, can succeed, and that the same model will work across the nation. 

MeANS Staff
Email Class Phone      RmPosition
Carrier, Kaseykcarrier@maineacademy.org238-4123         M2039/10 Math Teacher
Chase, Jeff
jchase@maineacademy.org238-4124          M001Agricultural Specialist
Poindexter, JimJpoindexter@maineacademy.org238-4119      M202    9/10 ELA Teacher
Russel, Vincentvrussell@maineacademy.org238-4115    M104     9/10  SS Teacher
Hewett, Katiekhewett@maineacademy.org238-4103         A2049/10 SE Teacher
Littlefield, Marymlittlefield@maineacademy.org238-4104          M00111/12 SE Teacher
Hersey, Sonjashersey@maineacademy.org238-4108          A20311/12 SE ET III
Fortin, Kelsikfortin@maineacademy.org238-4121         M10311/12 SS Teacher
Smith, Randrsmith@maineacademy.org238-4113         M10211/12 SC Teacher
Parrinello, Frankfparrinello@maineacademy.org238-4117         M20411/12 ELA Teacher
Hilmer, Graceghilmer@maineacademy.org238-4114School Social Worker
Ryan, Joycejryan@maineacademy.org238-4110Office Manager
Taylor, Paulaptaylor@maineacademy.org238-4105         M201Transportation Coord
Getchell, Seansgetchell@maineacademy.org314-5086         M000Custodian
Christopher, Bethechristopher@maineacademy.org238-4112        A104Business Manager
Coleman, Evanecoleman@maineacademy.org238-4122Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Sullivan, Christinecsullivan@maineacademy.org238-4106         A104Director of Special Education
Best, Danni
dbest@maineacademy.org238-4101         A104Dean of Students
Dennison, Beckyrdennison@maineacademy.org238-4131        M004Dean of Threshold
Newberg, Matthewmnewberg@maineacademy.org238-4102        A104  Head of School
Guptill, Katrinakguptill@gwh.org238-4005       PrescottFood Service – Cafeteria
Schaedle, Lukelschaedle@gwh.org238-4011   Visitor Ctr. Technology/Server