Student Life

Student Life Skills; Agriculture-Based & Remote Learning

The Maine woods have a long and storied existence in literature and the life of our nation. At MeANS, we have made it into an unlimited learning space perfect for those who wish to gain career and student life skills outside the confines of the typical classroom. 

Student life is anything but typical at MeANS, where students work and learn on our 1 Acre Farm, in the Cheryl Bulmer Sugar House and our local community. Educated and given the tools to succeed, MeANS students and graduate with not only career resources and student life skills, but also a plan to succeed in life. 

Our teachers are more mentors and confidants than task masters. Our goal, through a mix of time spent in the classroom, remote learning and practical hands-on activities in the outdoors, is to meet students where they are—not to insist they jump through hoops or cross their i’s and dot their t’s. 

We believe in taking a holistic approach to each students, adapting our program to support their reality and we work with their families and communities, as well. The end goal: a high school diploma, better life and strong career objectives.