MeANS Lottery

The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences will hold a public lottery, if necessary. Additional questions may be directed to Matt Newberg, Head of School at (207) 419-6500 or via email at

Lottery Guidelines

  • Siblings and children of staff: All siblings of enrolled students will be placed prior to holding a lottery. MeANS shall also give enrollment preference to children of the school’s full-time employees, as long as they constitute no more than ten percent of the school’s total student population.
  • Applicants: All names of remaining students who have submitted completed applications will be part of the lottery.
  • Waitlisted students: If there is no longer space available, the student will be placed on the wait-list in the order that his or her name was drawn. If an opening occurs in a given grade, students on the wait-list will be contacted according to their order on the waitlist.
  • Students who apply to MeANS after the lottery date: These students will be conditionally enrolled only if space is available. If space is not available, they will be placed on the wait-list in the order that their completed application is received.
  • Commitment to Enroll: If you are notified that you have the right to enroll, you will then have 14 days to file your Commitment to Enroll at MeANS (this form will be mailed to you). Once the school receives this form, your spot at MeANS will be secure. You always have the option to choose to relinquish your spot at any time.